Loved your film, God's Compass. I was moved in so many ways. The quality of the film is studio quality. I'm sure everything was done in-house on campus. 
Larry Stephens
 CRU – Campus Crusade for Christ
A woman in labor is driving herself to the hospital when a teenaged thug with a police record attempts to steal her car. Her baby is born with life-threatening issues. The baby’s recently widowed grandmother bails the rebellious teenager out of jail and takes him on as a project. The boy’s pre-teen sister is missing. Yes, God’s Compass offers an engaging cast of realistic characters who evoke sympathy without over-doing the emotional elements. Gripping plot lines are woven tightly together into a cohesive story that entertains and demonstrates how one family lives out their faith in the face of great challenges. The movie was written and directed by Stephan Schultze and produced by Scotty Curlee, both on the cinematic arts faculty at Liberty University. God’s Compass first grabs the reader with its deep emotional situations – baby near death, orphaned street thug, missing child, grieving widow, troubled marriage. But the filmmakers achieve a perfect balance between emotion and action. Favorite faith-and-family actors include T.C. Stallings (War Room, Courageous), Karen Abercrombie (Miss Clara in War Room), Robert Amaya (“Snake King” in Courageous, Mom’s Night Out). And viewers may recognize Curlee himself from his role as racing cyclist Chris Carmik in The Potential Inside, a 2010 family-friendly film he also produced. There are no objectionable elements in the film, a claim that is all to rare these days, even in faith-based and family-friendly films. It was released on May 3rd.
Randall Murphree
American Family Association
"God's Compass" is  a remarkable achievement. It is a powerful, uplifting, heartfelt, Christian Film, meeting the highest Hollywood professional standards, but made by a Christian University Film School! It features some of the biggest stars in Faith Films and is anchored by yet another powerful performance by Karen Abercrombie ( War Room), and is beautifully directed by Stephan Schultze. No other film school in the world, Christian or secular, makes its own feature films.Liberty University has become the UCLA, USC, NYU and Columbia University, combined,  of Christian film making! Dan Gordon Screen writer of " The Hurricane" ( Denzel Washington), " Wyatt Earp" ( Kevin Costner), and head writer of Michael Landon's hit TV series, " Highway To Heaven"
Dan Gordon
Screen writer of
GOD'S COMPASS portrays a kind of faith that seems out of reach to most of us, and yet affirms its potential for all of us.  Bold and brave in its story and its style, this is a film to applaud.  
Randall Wallace
God's Compass is one of those films that make you think about God's direction for your life, and how easily it can change. Without solid faith it is easy to forget your purpose. Great film!
Jamey Foster
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